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My father died recently. Unfortunately , we were told he was not teminal. But needed long term skilled nursing, and rehab. He was at Pruitt for 11 days. Put in a shared room. With maybe 8ft. Of space No chairs for us to sit on.. Laying up… Full Review

Dignity. Respect. Caring. These are three words that are not understood or embraced by the staff at Pruitt Health Brookhaven (PHB). My mother stayed at this facility for 10 months until her failing health required her to be moved to a hospice… Full Review

My mother was there for rehab and my family's experience was terrible. My mother fell out of the bed twice and the alarm to alert the staff when patients get out of bed constantly stayed off. She missed several appointments due to scheduling… Full Review

My family did not care for the way our family member was treated while at Brookhaven. My Grandmother went there for rehab after she had a fall and she ended up falling several more times while in their care. In addition, they repeatedly ignored… Full Review

Hard to review their quality of service when they refuse to accept a patient that they previously agreed to accept! BEWARE, I will never trust this facility. They left my Mother in the ambulance and would not let her enter their facility even… Full Review

My elderly Mother has been at Unihealth for over 3 weeks. While it is unpleasant to have a loved one in a facility, be it nursing home, hospital or rehab, I would assure you that Unihelath Brookhaven is better than most. They do have… Full Review

We just watched our mom experience 22 days of TLC, assistance, supportive therapies, comprehensive social work services, and a very detailed discharge successfully executed at Unihealth-Brookhaven. Our mother was treated with dignity, respect… Full Review

My Grandma was in this facility and it was terrible. You can bearly understand the staff, it can take over an hour sometimes before they answer the call light, and then when they do, they say I will be back or let me check and then never come… Full Review

Last month, my mom instructed me to "write a review--ONLINE" to describe her frustrating, negative experience at Unihealth Post Acute Care Brookhaven. Nice gardens and abundant bird feeders in no way make up for terrible food, being left for… Full Review

This place was not good. May 27th. it took my caregiver an 1 1/2 hrs. to get in touch with the nurses's station to warn them of a medication interaction. Thank God it was not something very serious. He called at least four times and was hung… Full Review

After being told I would never walk again by the PT staff at this facility, and having my complaints and symptoms ignored for days, my daughter got me out of there and in another facility. Within a few days, the PTs there suggested I go back… Full Review

My father was at this facility and I would not recommend it to anyone. The treatment by this staff was below par and the patients are the ones suffering. I was constantly speaking with the staff about their disregard and carelessness, and… Full Review

My parent was in Brookhaven for a few months. The facility missed several appointments. The person who drives the bus makes the doctor's appointments. The social worker seems only concerned with your insurance. I observed several nurses… Full Review

My parent was there at this facility for rehab of his leg and was also a heart patient. He was not fed properly, the trasnsportaion to the doctors visits they would sometimes miss and not tell me. One day he was left hours waiting outside… Full Review

My dad was there for 4 weeks to recover from a stroke. He mostly needed speech and occupational therapy. Of the three facilities we looked at around the Northside Hospital area, this was our number one choice. Seemed to have a higher staff… Full Review

My Mom is at Unihealth of Brookhaven and they are very kind and good to her. She can be quite challenging having both mobility and dementia issues. I have been to other homes and there is no comparison - this one is the best, hands down.… Full Review

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