Review of Lifecare Hospitals of Pittsburgh Skilled Nursing Facility Unit

1 Star User Review

Another place that the only agenda is to make money. My father was placed here after a long hospital stay for about 30 days. This facility is much farther away for me so I wasn't able to be there very often. The lack of care is just overwhelming. He has his leg amputated so with out his device walking isn't possible. So can someone explain to me how a facility can have patients that need to be turned and not do it. How do you know you ask? Well he left that facility and has a sore on his heel, one on is calf. Big enough now that he may lose his leg. That is called neglect. Anyway you slice it. I wouldn't send a dying animal to this place. If you cant turn them hire more. Hell call me I would have had someone down there. To me this place should be shut down. If you cant take care of people who are placed in your care for healing then you need a new job.