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10 reviews 1.0 star rating 1/3/2018 This place deserves 0 stars. I believe they are responsible for the declining health and ultimate passing of my father. I wish we never took him here in the first place, but I want to save people from… Full Review

The Commonwealth physical therapy department is top-notch, very professional, and great at helping patients and residents with their therapy needs. The RNs and LPNs are great, and the majority of the CNAs are very good at what they do. There… Full Review

I have no complaints. I received exactly what I expected; great professional service, caring employees and a well thought out plan to get me back on my feet. It worked! Thank you Commonwealth Rehab I feel great. Dan… Full Review

My grandmother was here for a short time for rehab. I enjoyed working with the staff in getting her back on her feet. She is currently at home and doing really well. I am a nurse by profession and I am aware of the challanges people face at… Full Review

The staff was inept; they were not trained to appropriately handle my father's needs (although stated they could handle acute care). There were repeated occassions when he needed assistance--had his request light on--and after 45 minutes of… Full Review

Commonwealth Care is a poorly managed rehab facility with significant staff turnover and low quality care. My father-in-law was in the facility for over 2 months, during which time, we needed to have a family member present throughout the day… Full Review

I was extremely happy with Commonwealth Health and Rehab Center. I am a 51 year old male. Third time at a rehab center but first time with Commonwealth. Very happy! Back on my feet and feeling a lot better. Thanks to the staff! You all… Full Review

My mom has only been at this facility 1 week and already I have had to make numerous calls because of their piss poor service. This is not a place to put a patient who is completely bedridden they will be ignored/overlooked for sure. The communication… Full Review

My 85 year old dad was there for two months. He loved it and I loved it. Rehab Center was great and did him a world of good. OT and PT worked with him on a regular and consistent base. He was able to leave and go back to the things he loves… Full Review

I enjoyed my stay at Commonwealth Health and Rehab. The staff is very friendly and the care is excellent. The Physical and Occupational therapy offered by Commonwealth was great. I feel like I have my life and independence back. The admissions… Full Review

Piss poor service. Do not go there. They are unresponsive, poorly staffed and use under-qualified staffing. My mother lay crying out for hours with no one to help her. I got there just in time before she fell out of the bed. She ended up with… Full Review

Fair to middling at best, but head and shoulders above Cameron Glen Health & Rehab. The bottom line is that anyone living in any of these facilities needs a watchful advocate who has legal power to intervene. The squeaky wheel gets the grease… Full Review

Commonwealth does not provide quality care to it's residents nor do they provide Staff that are capable and speak clear English. Residents are left to sit wet in their beds and yelling in the hallways. I would not recommend Commonwealth.… Full Review

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