Review of Dulles Health & Rehab Center

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1.0 star rating 1/3/2018

This place deserves 0 stars. I believe they are responsible for the declining health and ultimate passing of my father. I wish we never took him here in the first place, but I want to save people from this place! My sister has since filed a complaint with the health department.

He had hip surgery in December and was doing well in the hospital, they recommended that we transfer him to a rehab facility to get BETTER. These people put him in a diaper, never had appropriate food to eat, was left alone for hours at a time, and was NOT CARED for at all. Every time I went, he was sitting by himself with cold and hard food that he was unable to eat. At the time he was only supposed to eat soft foods and every time we went he had something he couldn't even eat. The "nurses" never pushed him to eat or do his rehab exercises. They neglected him and left him to feen for himself.

This place is also terrifying at night, many elderly people left alone and often times when we went there were people calling for help. Once, there was a person cutting their toe nails in the cafeteria. Everything about this place is terrible and it is not an exaggeration. My dad gave up hope in this place. The worst experience ever was when my sister and I went, he hadn't had a bath in a week. We asked the "nurses" to give him a shower, he had been in bed for 7 days at this point. When they got him up, he had a seizure. My sister and I obviously had no idea what to do, but the "nurses" DID NOTHING. Literally, we asked for an ambulance or something. They did not even know what to do!

It was the most terrifying thing I have experienced, after many failed follow ups on our end to get a conversation with the imaginary doctor, days had passed. We never once met a doctor in charge of his care. The only meeting that ever took place was about money even though my family pushed and pushed to meet his care team. I am fully convinced this awful place was responsible for his decline and ultimate passing. Care takers were rude when we asked questions and had concerns about his food and daily routine. They are unprepared for actual medical needs and hate their jobs, literally I heard them talking about it. I hope this place closes. There are so many more complaints and stories, but please stay away. It is like a terrible sad movie in there. Any positive review has to be fake.