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This is a poorly run rehab facility. The upper management do not address the numerous issues with their staff. Staff members sleep on their shift overnight, they are lazy, they sit at the desk and just talk, gossip about the patients. They… Full Review

This Place should be renamed Broken Back..........DANGEROUS place to send your loved one. Keep away. The staff is lazy and just don't care. JOEL CHACK MD should be ashamed that you are the collaborating physican... … Full Review

I was at the one in Voorhees. My room was very nice and the food was delicious. There was no communication between the therapists, nurses and therapists, or doctors and therapists. I kept having to retell the therapists about my hernia and… Full Review

Stay away from the one in Horsham. Very unprofessional, and severely understaffed. it began when the transport service was 3 hours late picking her up from the hospital, so she was just sitting there waiting. We were just going to leave and… Full Review

: STAY AWAY!!!!!! HORRIBLE! We chose this place based on the reviews. I don't know where these people stayed but it definitely was not Power Back! We checked my mother out after 3 days for rehab following a heart attack. First, no one greeted… Full Review

We chose Powerback in Richardson for my 90 yr old mother. I went to I went in to visit at 11:15 on a Saturday morning. Upon entering her dark bedroom, I found her half out of the bed still in her nightgown. She was soaking wet , her nightgown… Full Review

Horrible facility! My grandmother was transferred there after having surgery to get back on her feet and walking. They were supposed to do therapy twice a day. It was NEVER twice sometimes not even once and when they did do therapy it was for… Full Review

I would not recommend this facility for anyone. My husband was moved to this facility from the hospital. The main purpose was to get him back on his feet after a hip break and another major surgery . He was confused and required anti rejection… Full Review

My friend just left Powerback. She got good physical therapy, but that's about it. The food was so bad we had to take her meals. It took two weeks to get her medicine at the correct time and at the correct dosage. She was in there two weeks… Full Review

0 STARS!!!! My father is currently at the PowerBack in Philly. It is one of the worst places I've ever seen. His first day there he just layed in the bed. He was in pain from a Bed sore on his back. We asked for the nurse to look at it… Full Review

Wish I could give them a 1/2 star. The worst case manager with no feelings when dealing with your love ones. Emails not answered after 3 weeks whats to throw your love one out the door for the next patient. Missed medicines, never on time for… Full Review

I would give this facility a resounding "F". I went straight there from the hospital after knee replacement surgery. I thought this would make sense rather that go home. What a mistake. I was shown my room. This was the only part that went… Full Review

I was in the facility for six days and give much thanks to the OT and PT staff they were superb. My ratings are for the therapy team. As for the rest of the staff much improvement needed.… Full Review

Clearly a second negative review from my experience - which caused me to NOT consider the facility. I visited the facility to ask on rehab information. Three things happened; a) The admissions people were too busy to give me a tour and asked… Full Review

Don't even consider this facility!!!! Here are just a few examples of the negative things we experienced at Brightwood: A therapist who gave up on getting my Mom better and told us to go home and get her house ready for her to live in a… Full Review

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