Review of Powerback Rehabilitation

1 Star User Review

I would give this facility a resounding "F". I went straight there from the hospital after knee replacement surgery. I thought this would make sense rather that go home. What a mistake. I was shown my room. This was the only part that went ok. Twice I was brought someone else's paperwork to sign. I was never given my meds on time. On my first night I was supposed to have my pain meds and an Ambien at 10:30PM. At 1AM I was still trying to get it along with the blanket I had asked for at 6PM The food selection was strange…very leaning toward Indian cuisine which I just didn't get. The one physical therapist refused to answer a question from a patient. Said she did not have time when all she was doing was sitting talking about herself. There seemed to be no communication between administration people and the medical staff. I was supposed to go home with prescriptions for my medicines on Saturday morning and guess what? There were none and of course there IS NO DOCTOR available on the weekends. The patient is NOT a priority at this center. I talked with other people at my Outpatient Therapy location and anyone that was at Powerback had similar if not a worse experience. To anyone out there that must go to a rehab center take this OFF your list. The state should investigate the negligence and shut down this place before someone gets seriously hurt.