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These ratings and user reviews of Tyler's Retreat at Iron Bridge will help you pick the best nursing home in Chester, Virginia. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Tyler's Retreat at Iron Bridge, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

I am sadden to be writing this review but I feel it is important for families that are looking for a safe and caring facility for their loved ones. My advice to you is to look elsewhere before putting a loved one in Tylers Retreat because… Full Review

I spent 2 months there in rehab and did one additional month as a rehab outpatient. The positives were the rehab program and rehab staff. The place is kept really clean. The food is above average. The negatives are not all the aids are… Full Review

I had my husband at another facility and was very disappointed. He went to the hospital and afterwards went to Tyler's Retreat. What a difference! The staff are attentive, kind and helpful. The care is excellent. I am so glad I made the… Full Review

worst place ever! wouldnt even help my grandfather out of bed or give him breakfast. would not EVER recommend this facility to my worst enemy! nurses are not helpful at all. … Full Review

Some of the aides are great and some are bad. The phone system is horrible. The phones are down quite frequently. They use the internet system since it is cheaper. My mother becomes quite upset when she can't get me. I do like some of… Full Review

I wouldn't like to put a family member in this place to live...The CNA's don't respond to the call bell as the same for the RN's...They all just stand around at the nurses station while the light's are going off...As for some of the housekeeping… Full Review

its a bad place, cnas don,t where name badges , don,t answer call lights when paticents need help, they put call lights on the floor where residents can,t reach them ,i know cause my mom is there, i have residents that i see when i come in… Full Review

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