Review of Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My cousin is a current patient there, as of about 2 weeks ago. He's told the family that he still hasn't received a shower after asking numerous times daily and has had an accident and they actually left him sitting in his own feces for over three hours!!! With his open wounds, that alone can cause him more mass infections or worse, kill him!!! What the hell kind of place and people do that to their patients??? He's told us that all the patients he's encountered have said they'd rather be dead than be admitted there. He's said when the nurses actually do their job that they're extremely rude in every aspect. There are patients are all over the hallways, running into one another and no one helps them get to where they're needing to be going. This place is a literal hell hole and should be condemned and shut down IMMEDIATELY! PEOPLE THAT HAVE NO HEART OR COMPASSION SHOULDN'T BE INVOLVED IN PATIENT CARE, PERIOD!!! Remove your family while they're still alive 'cause this place.. WILL KILL THEM!