Review of Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

I had a relative in Warren Woods. I was there FOUR days a week to visit for almost a month! What I witness made me SICK!!!

Many staff members (except the certified nursing assistants) were not available when you needed to ask questions. My relative never received physical therapy, He was sent there for therapy. Every time we'd inquire about it we were given the same old "excuse" (waiting approval from insurance) After being there for almost a month with more excuses & little results, he become fed up and demanded to go home…I didn't blame him! He signed himself out. He told me that he felt like he was "just rotting away there"! Well since he's left that place he started performing his OWN "therapy" at his home. HE PRACTICE ON HIMSELF LIKE CRAZY!!! EVERYDAY. He can now STAND on his own. WALK ON HIS OWN (which he couldn't before) and take care of his own hygiene (which he couldn't do while there) and has made a REMARKABLE recovery on his own!!! May God bless the CENAS there!!!