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This place needs more help, for as large as it is not enough of staff , to cover all the people elfishly.The midnight shift does a good job in rehab. The morning & after noon shift have a lot going on. Cleaning floors & rooms… Full Review

I am only 47 but have a progressive spinal cord disease which will require 24/7 care eventually. So I looked at several nursing homes so I can choose now instead of my family deciding for me when the time comes. Having worked in nursing homes… Full Review

I had a relative in Warren Woods. I was there FOUR days a week to visit for almost a month! What I witness made me SICK!!! Many staff members (except the certified nursing assistants) were not available when you needed to ask questions… Full Review

My cousin is a current patient there, as of about 2 weeks ago. He's told the family that he still hasn't received a shower after asking numerous times daily and has had an accident and they actually left him sitting in his own feces for over… Full Review

Warren Woods may not be one of the fancy, marble and granite nursing homes but the staff is caring and do their very best for the patients. My father was a difficult patient (confused and combative.) The nursing staff did their very best… Full Review

My grandfather unfortunately had to go to Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center after a short hospital stay for rehab, to help get him back on his feet to return home; worst mistake of our lives. The absence of care and communication… Full Review

My Mother was a patient at Warren Woods for 3 very long months Until we were able to get her transfered to a better facility! The place is dirty, and smells of stale urine! The nursing staff is rude and they all walk around like zombies.… Full Review

This home has given my loved one a new leash on life, and I am forever grateful. When he was at home, he didn't know anyone, what day it was, and certainly couldn't go places. At Warren Woods he has had 0 health issues, is taking medication… Full Review

This was another nursing home that smelled of urine horribly the minute I walked in the door, and the floors were filthy. It was very outdated, and not the place I would leave anyone and feel good about it. I could not wait to get out, and… Full Review

Nursing, food or help from the aides is not the best. But I'm there for the therapy and that is where they excel at, if it wasn't for the therapy department I would never have gone there. So to all of the negative comments are you there for… Full Review

My mother had been independent and has had two pretty long stays at the facility that required rehabilitation after countless back surgeries. She always opted to return to the facility and was welcomed back warmly by the staff, some having… Full Review

This is the second facility my loved one has been in. The first facility was 5 stars, owned by a hospital and absolutely beautiful. Problem was, the care was aweful. Every day there was a different therapist working with my aunt, half of them… Full Review

If you truly love your love one, DO NOT send them here! The facility smells is if the residents have been rotting in their urine for years. Staff is very unattentive and unprofessional. Highly NOT recommended if you're expecting sanitary and… Full Review

My loved one has been at Warren Woods for a couple of weeks now, and I try to visit every other day, and at different times. So far, I have not been too disappointed. The place is a bit "old school", but my family member is always clean, dressed… Full Review

This place is awful my mother was here for 4 months and I couldnt get her out of there fast enough. The food is horrible and has roaches. The staff is ok well some of them and the others need to be fired. During my mother stay they let her… Full Review

Let me start by saying I cant believe our State of Michigan would let a place like this even exist !! It is the dirtiest , unhealthy hole in the wall I have ever seen. The Staff is uncompassionate ! rude and Lazy !! They NEVER come to check… Full Review

What a filthy awful place. Belongings lost and no one cares. Patient in terrible shape, and no one cares. Can't be bothered to help patient turn over. Can't be bothered to wash patients face and hands or comb their hair. Can't be bothered to… Full Review

This place killed my grandmother. Do not place your loved one here, please! It is a for-profit bnursing home home so that means they put money first. Low quality staffing and deplorable condititons. Not fit for your dog.… Full Review

My mother is at Warren Woods and it kills me to leave her there, the nursing staff has NO personality what so ever. If you ask a single question you feel like you are inconveniencing the nurse, I believe this comes from the very top from… Full Review

Warren Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center accepted my 38-yr-old brother for the sole purpose of administering IV antibiotics to him through his PICC line. He arrived on a Friday evening, and by noon on Sunday he was found dead in the bathroom… Full Review

Terrible conditions! I put my Mother there and she referred to it as a "RAT HOLE", and she was right in her thought about Warren Woods Health Facility. I seen her get out of her bed and walk barefoot in piss on the floor. She is 95 years old… Full Review

8/27 - 7 calls to warrenwood, phone answered but no one said hello, when someone said hello sounds like patient, states they are headed to the A wing and she comes back to the phone and states there is no one there - TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL… Full Review

Terrible conditions. Food was unsutible for anyone cold and did not taste well. My mother stayed there and had a broken bed the entire time she was there. One wing of the facillity stank of urine and feces. Staff was not efficent if someone… Full Review

there is no air conditiong is pt rooms any one who ha MS shouldent even look there some of the staff are good but few and far between. things show up missing from pts room … Full Review

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