Review of Lake Mary Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

My father was admitted for what was intended to be a brief 1-2 week stay, for rehab, after a 4 day hospitalization for an infection. Although walking with a walker when he came in, he was only allowed to walk with rehab and not with staff because he was a fall risk. He was left sitting in an "activity room" for hours on end without any activities or even the tv on and not allowed to be in his room, again because he was a fall risk. One of the aides in this room refused to take him out so he and my mother could visit privately, so she had to do it, while being told by the aide that he was "BAD, BAD, BAD" My mother was told it would take the full 100 days for rehab because of his fall risk (not new-he has been falling for years). She insisted she take him home and got him out just short of three weeks. Not a moment to soon, as he had lost 11 pounds in 18 days and probably needed to go to the hospital again for dehydration if he hadn't left. He regained 6 pounds in 3 days, after getting home, and looked better than he had the entire time he was there. If he had actually needed to be in rehab. longer, we would have moved him to another facility.