Review of Lake Mary Health and Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

My sister has been in this facility for three months and we are very pleased with the rehabilitation she has received while here. Most of the rehab staff are very caring and professional. However the food service is another story. My sister has several medical conditions that prohibit her from eating certain foods…oatmeal, pork, beef, eggs. upon her admission this was reported to and recorded by staff. While visiting her one day I noticed that her menu stated that she could not eat pork, but what was on her tray that day PORK. leaving her with nothing to eat. She and her daughter reported this to staff and it made no difference. Some of her recent meals consisted of 1. Mashed sweet potatoes and corn bread. 2. oven fried potatoes, rolls and a bowl of sherbet 3. egg salad sandwich and rolls 4. Mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and rolls. VERY NUTRITIOUS!?? Family members often take food to her just to be sure she has something decent to eat. The closer it gets to her discharge date, the worse her food choices get.