Review of North Florida Rehabilitation and Specialty Care

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Three individuals came into my mother-in-laws room with the sole purpose of severing an 18 year old family bond. My mother-in-law and I do not see eye to eye on everything but, we love each other. One of her sons visited her when she was in intensive care and the other has never visited. I on the other hand, have been involved in her life for nineteen years (since 1996). All three of the individuals (since I cannot divulge who I am talking about) should be fired for coming into my mother-in-laws room and taking part in what can only be called a "ruckus." The first person said to me: "You aren't supposed to be here" several times. I was aghast at the fact that me and my mother-in-laws pristine day was under attack by a pit bull of a woman. I asked her to leave the room as my mother-in-law has been treated for anxiety for years. I told her I would speak to the administrator but my conversation with her was concluded. She told me: "This is my facility" and refused to leave my mother-in-laws room until I told her "I am going to sue you if you do not leave." She came back with her other two people and the three of them tried to do the same thing. Start an argument in front of my mother-in-law. Being an African-American man, I knew they thought they were going to have grounds for calling the police except I stayed calm, cool and collected and let them do all the noise-making. Suddenly one individual says, "you are right, let's go to my office and have a meeting." I said: "I would be happy except I am attending no meeting that will be attended by individuals 1 & 2 as they had already attempted to use "unsavory" tactics to sever my bond with my mother-in-law. Because I have dignity and some education, these two individuals have taken it upon themselves to engage in character assassination instead of providing proper care for my mother-in-law.

They are incensed at the fact that I found feces and urine on the wall in my mother-in-laws room. My fiancé found that a CNA left a feces on the outside of my mother-in-laws ostomy bag and on her bedding. We kept records of her nonexistent turn schedule as well as the fact that instead of being put on a bed pan, she would always have her diaper changed without the proper attention given to cleaning my mother-in-law. We are incensed at the lack of sensitivity many staff members have shown during our family's most trying time.