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North Florida Rehabilitation and Specialty Care was recommended to us for my moms rehab care after a broken hip. This facility is a disgrace for care for the elderly. My mom was there a total of 2 weeks, 4 weeks was recommended, but we wanted her discharged as soon as possible. Her safety and health was at risk being in this facility.

After summoning for bathroom assistance and waiting almost an hour, she finally got up herself, and then fell when returning to bed. She laid on the floor vocally calling for help for over 35 mins. Her roommate summoned for help, but no one came. Her roommate then called her son, at home, and asked him to call the nurses station and tell them that immediate help was needed in their room. They finally came. This incident was never reported.

I filed a grievance report but no feed back was ever reported back to us.

My mother is a diabetic and has a strict diet. Over and over my mom was given meals with sugar lades desserts, and lots of potatoes, rice, pastas, which spiked her sugar levels. Spoke with dietician, but nothing was ever done.

Her medications, which she needed to take a half hour after breakfast, came at 11:00. Again, she is a diabetic and needs these medications.

She was given pain medication, that she never requested. It had been requested by her roommate, but given to her by mistake.

Medications that she was suppose to receive in the evening, she never received, although it was recorded that they were given.

My mom had diarrhea and didn't quite make it to the toilet, as a result there was a mess all over the toilet, and floor. I cleaned it up as best I could and was told that someone would be in to clean up the rest. Four days later, after I was fed up with the smell and mess, I talked to the head of cleaning and maintenance who came finally came in and cleaned it.

Her linens which were dirty, were never changed until after more than a week, I requested it done.

In her 16 day stay there, she was given 2 showers. The second one coming after 12 days after her first one. My mom would ask them over, over to please take her for a shower, but they would ignore her and give her excuses as to why they couldn't. I was told by one of the staff members, that it was recoded that she had been given 5 showers!

We were there with her from 6:00 a.m. til 8:00 p.m. daily with a few breaks in between. Don't know how much more my mom would of suffered if we hadn't been there.

On a good note, the Physical Therapy department staff was excellent! They are the only reason she remained there to receive their help til we felt confident to have her back at home.

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I agree with you whole-heartedly that this place has great physical therapy (which is not done as often as it should) but the other issues are SO important and need to be addressed immediately before someone is seriously impacted. My mother-in-laws story is as horrendous and as soon as she leaves, we will be filing reports and contemplating a lawsuit. This place should receive negative stars for their failure to provide decent medical care.