Review of Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

I wish we had known how short handed the staff is because nurses and aides were not showing up for work, and were quitting. Although there were some exceptional staff members at Pueblo Springs, none of the ones I dealt with were working with patients regularly, they were all in offices and administrative roles. The only nurses on the floor were LPNs and the only RNs I met were administrators. This might be fine, but the only time the nurse was EVER in the room was to pass out medications. Other than that you could usually find them at he nurse's station. Patients were cared for solely by aides, or "CNAs" and there were so few of them that the wait time for care such as a clean "diaper" was often cruel, ranging to as much as more than an hour. My father was so happy to leave this facility that he didn't mind waiting the ten hours in the ER it took him to get a bed in the hospital.