Review of The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park

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If you are thinking of putting your loved one in this facility, DON'T! It provides no care whatsoever! And even though families complained to the State authorities repeatedly, nothing has improved.

I was told by one of the doctors that the reason for the revolving door of caregivers was because none of them lived in the area and as soon as they found a job closer to their homes, they quit. That may be one reason, but the other is that the management has no clue what they are doing! Nor do they care!

There is no accountability. They are glad if the patient sleeps through meals or is too sick to push the call button because that is less work for them. From the nurses to the managers to the poorly paid help, no one really seemed to care about the patient. I can't tell you how many times I drove up and found them smoking in the parking lot, only to scurry inside because they had been caught! When my mother finally fell and broke a bone, we moved her to another facility that is so much better run.

It may be a pretty place, but if they don't take care of the patients, it is not work the $6000+ that they charge. Go somewhere that cares!!!!!

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That's just phyically not possible. I hate to tell you but that bed sore started before they got there. My mother received excellent care from this facility. I'm an RN so I'm very critical. I'm so grateful for everything this place did. It's because of them that mom was well enough to go home and not to a nursing home.