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These ratings and user reviews of The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park will help you pick the best nursing home in Southlake, Texas. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

We placed my 93 yr. old Mom here, due to a hip fracture repair. The nursing staff and Physical Therapy department has been outstanding! All concerns, such as a follow up urinalysis, were addressed immediately. The room is very comfortable… Full Review

Beware of this place. My family and I have had some experience with nursing homes in the metroplex and this place is the scariest as far as the care. Unless your loved one has full capacity to know what is going on and some ability to physically… Full Review

This is the worst place ever no one knows anything and no one wants to do there job 7weeks in hell is exactly what it was for my family member lazy aides and lazy social worker no communication from anyone they only want there money can't get… Full Review

my girl friend who had a stroke and needed rehabilitation stayed a month at the Carlyle. In that time she had contracted pneumonia, blood infection, uniary infection twice, bed soars and unchanged bandages. Took exceptional lengths of time… Full Review

This place is wonderful. Although I can't believe they make their nurses pass out food trays. That's a ridiculous waste of valuable resources. Aside from that...the level of care is outstanding from the nurses. The negative reviews are crazy… Full Review

DO NOT GO TO THE CARLYLE! My mother was admitted to the Carlyle after knee replacement surgery. After a few days she was complaining of shortness of breath and infection in her knee. The workers continued for days to only administer antibiotics… Full Review

My grandfather was only at this facility for 20 days after being discharged from the hospital and already had a level 2 bedsore and inflamed skin around pelvic area from not being taken to the restroom or changed in a timely manner. … Full Review

If you are thinking of putting your loved one in this facility, DON'T! It provides no care whatsoever! And even though families complained to the State authorities repeatedly, nothing has improved. I was told by one of the doctors that… Full Review

I had a pleasant experience there and found the staff to be caring and supportive. I would return if need be. Four stars, because they do need to improve their week end staff.… Full Review

My Dad has had a wonderful experience at The Carlysle while recovering from emergency coronary double bypass. He has been there two weeks and has met almost all his physical therapy goals. His nurses (Alexander, Susan and Alex) have been… Full Review

1. Not enough staff, well they have the staff it's just they are always in the coffee bistro. 2. Basically RN told Dr that my 90 yr old mother was a 'problem' so she was given Haldol. bad medicine 3. They said my mother needed 'too much… Full Review

I wouldn't refer my worst enemy here. It looks nice and the staff is nice when you go to meet them. It's later when you find out this place is a nightmare. The staff could care less about your loved one and are only there to collect a paycheck… Full Review

Where do I start??? The staff is very rude and unprofessional! It takes 20 - 40 minutes to answer the call button when my dad pushes it. They are very unorganized and it seems as though the staff doesn't communicate well with each other… Full Review

This facility has been open for a year now and does not appear to be doing as well as when it opened. Had we known of the poor staffing ratio we never would have used this place. The care there prompted a move to another facility. Staffing… Full Review

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