Review of Mapleview Country Villa

2 Star User Review

My experience at Mapleview was not as expected. I was ready to leave the next day because of what I went threw on my 1st day there. I requested bed grab bars on my bed and when they were put on, I almost fell to the floor grabbing it and it came off the bed into my hand. My husband caught me before I fell. When I called for help to go to the bathroom I waited 20 minutes or longer for an aide to help me. On another occasion I was not given the right dosage of medication called for and another occasion not given any night time medications that were called for. This resulted in an investigation of the nurse and was told the medication was NEVER pulled by the nurse but it was my word against hers.

My main reason for going to Mapleview was for the therapy. I can say theirs is outstanding. I was very pleased. I will say that their were some compassionate nurses and aides there but it was the others that made it bad for everyone else.