Review of Pruitthealth-Durham

2 Star User Review

Good staff, especially CNAs, RNs, and the people that actually do the work. The DON, is rude, obnoxious and arrogant and is only concerned with protecting her job. When I was checking out facilities, the admission coordinator was totally playing up to the amenities of the facility and reeked of marketing. Having no choice since the hospital was discharging my mother in the next day or two and every other place that took Medicare was full, I green lighted my mother's admission to Unihealth for therapy. Like I mentioned, the staff is outstanding, but spread way too thin. It is obvious that the corporation is interested in the bottom line first and actual care is a distant second… I received countless phone calls at night saying my mother was doing this or that… Hey, people, how about DOING YOUR JOBS? they demanded that I drive into the facility to deal with her on several occasions because my mother was still in delirium and acting strange. Every time I did so, my mother was calm and the CNAs were keeping her busy and she was fine. Thanks for wasting my time and pushing the panic button unnecessarily, even though I was paying you to help my mother get better. After 6 weeks, I was called by the DON and demanded to come in ASAP for a meeting because they weren't going to deal with my mother anymore and were kicking her out. Thanks a lot. After 3 of the most stressful days of my life, I found a much better place for my mother to be cared for. I'm sorry she (and I) had to go through the half-assed care of this place. Only put your loved one here if you have no other choice and KEEP CHECKING IN to be sure they are receiving proper care. The low-level staff for the most part is outstanding, hard working, and pushed too hard for what they make. The higher-ups are just a bunch of clowns that want to pass the buck and the blame back onto the families and cash those checks as fast as they can.