Review of Comprehensive Rehab & Nursing Center at Williamsville

1 Star User Review

Appauling is the best word I can come up with. Call buttons don't work. Bed ridden patients are given "tap bells" that are placed across the room & out of reach. My uncle fell 8 times in 12 days. Staff are unresponsive, uncaring and plain rude. When my frail & dying uncle would fall because his request to use the bathroom would be ignored, the staff would stand over him and yell at him to get up! He had withered away to less than 100 pounds at 6 feet tall. I found him abandoned in the hallway wearing nothing but boxer shorts - shivering & demoralized. He was left in urine soaked sheets for 2 hours after requests for help were completely ignored at which point I changed the sheets myself with much difficulty manuvering him. Do not leave a loved one her unless you can watch them 24/7