Review of Regency at Waterford

1 Star User Review

Regency at Waterford is a JOKE! The majority of the staff are rude, ignorant and full of attitude. They don't want to do their job and heaven forbid you ask them to show an ounce of compassion for any patients…it WONT HAPPEN! We have been forced to watch my dad sit in his own feces for hours at a time, and they wonder why we are "mean and demanding"! I don't expect my dad to get special treatment, but I DO expect him to be treated with respect and he should NEVER have to sit in feces for any length of time. Don't bother complaining to the administrator, he is only there for a paycheck and could care less about the patients, same goes for the Director of Nursing…USELESS! If you love or care about your family, NEVER, EVER send them to Regency at Waterford or as we so "fondly" call it… Really Useless at Waterford!