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These ratings and user reviews of Regency at Waterford will help you pick the best nursing home in Waterford, Michigan. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Regency at Waterford, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

May I state first, the nursing staff cared for my Mother. She passed away on Sept. 6th, 2016. My complaint, as I have read in previous reviews is with the office personnel & owners or management. I went to close my Mom's personal account on… Full Review

My mother has been recently been placed in this facility for rehab purposes after being released from the hospital. The nursing staff appear to be overburdened with patients and we've had a bad experience with at least one of the patient care… Full Review

My loved one was currently discharged from this facility and the rehab and nursing care was excellent. The nurses and aids truly cared about her well being. They treated my grandmother and family like we were family. … Full Review

My father was there and they was very mean and rude they would not feed him and when i said something to the nurse she got an attitude with me so i went and bought him food and feed him the next day he called me for help so i sent my cousin… Full Review

This place is HORRIBLE! There are a handful of good employees, but they are overshadowed by the bad ones. It starts at the top with the administrator and Director of Nursing both of which NEVER leave their offices to monitor the staff. The… Full Review

This is the WORST nursing home/rehab center I have ever seen! If your loved one is able to care for themselves they might be okay. My dad wasn't able to walk upon his entry, yet he was yanked out of bed and told to "quit faking"!!! AFTER… Full Review

Regency at Waterford is a JOKE! The majority of the staff are rude, ignorant and full of attitude. They don't want to do their job and heaven forbid you ask them to show an ounce of compassion for any WONT HAPPEN! We have been… Full Review

My mother was at Regency at Waterford for rehab and then for nursing home care. We thought the care was wonderful until the last days of her life. We had to fight to get her care, including it took 6 hours to get her changed and any meds. Even… Full Review

my spouses grandparents are up there his rooms shower has been broken for a week. He has a feeding tube he is suppose to take 4 to 5 cans a day he gets maybe two if that. They want to take a shower its been a week since either of them got any… Full Review

well my mother was just admited from mclaren hospital in pontiac mi . with out me even being notifyed.if that aint enough shes done nothing but complain about the way shes being treated.late medicines, what the hell is the nurse button for… Full Review

It's a beautiful new building with wonderful caring staff. The management team is outstanding. The campus is very well run and extremely clean. I have continually observed that the health and spiritual welfare of the residents are the facilities… Full Review

This facility has too many patients and not enough help. Patients sit around for hours before being looked on. They say they are too busy to help, will be back in a couple of hours???? The wing of the permanent home section smells like… Full Review

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