Review of Transitional Health Services of Fremont

1 Star User Review

This is the one place my mother insisted she didn't want to go and it's the only available bed. The facility has a little paint in the front area to impress the visitors, but some of the rooms were worse than any cheap motel I have ever seen: grubby sheers on the windows, dirty walls, threadbare blankets, cracked shades, taped-up vinyl furniture. One cannot easily communicate with residents as there are no phones in the rooms and one common phone for all--which is frequently not answered. I did sit in on her PT and those folks are doing excellent work. In my visits all staff members were kind to Mother, but then, I was sitting right there. There is no central air conditioning, tragic because Transitional is downwind of a pig farm. I don't have issue with the meals, other than the serving of sugar punch instead of something nutritious or just water. When the first bed opens up elsewhere, she's going. Everyone deserves better than this place.