Review of Transitional Health Services of Fremont

1 Star User Review

I don't think any revenue has been put back into this place since it opened. There is no central air and limited generators in case of a power outage. The rooms are too small to accommodate two beds and two dressers. The roommates do not seem compatible with each other, just thrown together. More social residents should be placed together, or considerations like whether a resident prefers television or quiet, a cold or a warm room, someone who stays up late or awakes early, do they prefer the sunlight or a dark room. My grandma is currently being bullied by a resident and the staff does not change the situation. Last year it was 100* a number of days and the homes answer for that was shut off the lights. The storm type, single pane glass windows are very cold in the winter with pathetic electric wall heaters. The switch in my grandmas room is faulty and often her heater won't run unless you jiggle the dial. The staff who have been there a while are awesome! The building is very low quality.