Review of Woodbriar Health Center

4 Star User Review

My mom is currently a resident of Woodbriar and has been since 2013. Mom lived alone in Florida for many years before coming to Mass to visit her family. I felt Mom should not be living alone anymore. Then Mom one day was having severe pain, she was transported to the hospital. After a few days she was transported to Woodbriar for inpatient rehab. Therapy plus regulating her Pin medication helped her a lot. Mom did well and all the staff in the rehab department was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind to both my mom and me. The nurses were very compassionate and caring and they took very good care of my mom. Mom really hit it off with some of the nurses; CNA’s and rehab staff too.

Unfortunately Mom was still unable to do some of the simple tasks that she needed in order to come home. A decision was made for her to become a long term resident. It was hard for both my mom and I initially to deal with this news. Moms adjusted after a few weeks once she was moved upstairs. The nurses and CNA’s helped to make her transition a little easier. Some even would go upstairs and visit with my mom or stop and say hello to her when she was in activities. My mom really enjoyed seeing familiar faces.

She has been doing activities and even eating in the dining room. The food is pretty good; mom says it isn’t like our home cooked meals. I have had the chance during cookouts and at functions to join in the meals and it isn’t too bad. There are lots of different activities for everyone to enjoy. Mom loves the music, exercise, field trips and sometime the arts and crafts, bowling and bingo. During the nice weather we enjoy time outside on the porch or in the courtyard. The grounds outside are well kept, the inside is very homey.

The upstairs nurses, CNA’s seem to care about their resident’s needs. Mom has even made comments about how well they treat her. This makes me relax a bit more at ease to hear her say this to me. Some go above and beyond and it is apparently that they love their job. When my mom had pneumonia the staff was wonderful, they treated mom quickly and were there foe her every step of the way. I really didn’t want to move mom to the hospital. It was the right call on so many different levels. When I couldn’t be here they would either call me with updates or I would call the nursing desk to get updates. They were just wonderful each and every one of them. The cleaning crew, kitchen staff, office staff, front desk, social worker are all very nice as well. The staff is there to answer any question I might have, and address any concerns I may have in a timely fashion.

I would recommend this facility!

Kathy B