Review of Newbridge on the Charles Skilled Nursing Facility

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To Whom it May Conern:

My husband was transferred from Beth Israel Hospital on 6/29/11 to a room, a floor in your facility and I have been trying ever since that to get in touch with A NURSE who might be taking care of him. I can tell that you are not well staffed and that the phone numbers that I keep getting have nothing to do with where he is. I do not believe that the beloved one should have to make over a dozen phone calls before she can talk to Maureen who says she is a nurse but not on her floor, however taking care of my husband. She has told me that she would call me back and I have yet to hear from her because she seems to be the one and only person able to work in your facility. I am sorry to say that you were the last on my list and that was based on the Roslindale Facility and it appears that this is no improvement. Diane Bleicher