Review of Sterling Care at Frostburg Village

2 Star User Review

Mom has been here less then 24 hours and I am already looking for an alternate Nursing facility. Upon arrival we were greeted and a wonderful lady helped our family with paperwork and the emotional aspects of checking Mom into her room. It seemed the first order of business was to put her in a chair to weigh her. The girls put a gait belt around her bare skin and pulled her up. A gait belt is never ever to be used on bare skin and is in fact contraindicated for patients with back or abdominal pain of which Mom has both. She cried out in pain as they lifted her with it. I went home to get more clothing and other items and returned around 9 pm. I found Mom laying in an extremely wet diaper and a wet gown. I cleaned her up myself and put one of the Depends garments on her that I had left at her bedside with instructions to the staff not to put their "diapers" on her. My instructions were disregarded. I also found that her bed was wet. It wasn't urine it was the bathwater that had gotten in her bed with a young male attendent bathed her. The sheets also had red jello all over them. I gave instructions to the nursing staff again to please not diaper her. I am going back today to see if my instructions are being followed. Her medication list needed corrected and they had removed water from her room informing me that she was to have thickened liquids only. I was in total shock. I quickly put a stop to that as there was absolutely no medical reason for her not to drink normally.