Review of Serenity Care and Rehab

1 Star User Review

worst nursing home ever. do not take anyone to this place. staff does not answer call lights or phone calls because they are too busy shopping on line on the computers, texting, or talking loudly about the patients so everyone can hear them. place is dirty, staff is rude,lies about everything, treats patients like dirt. zack , the social worker, lies,does not care about patients or family members, will not talk to patients family members"because he does not have to", does very illegal things. front doors and bathroom sinks are not handicap accessable. food is really bad. why do you think there is only 91 patients, when it used to have almost 200 patients,because this place is horrible. administrator does nothing about patients and family members concerns. if you or doctor call the place ,no one answers the phone. all they want to do is make money. please do not take anyone there. this place needs to be closed by the state