Review of Tower Hill Healthcare Center

4 Star User Review

I rated this building a 4. I was torn between a 3 and 4….

I would give the nurse managers a 5. They are on top of everything and really helping to make sure that care is great.

I would give the business office a 1. Kendra is never available or never answers calls when we need to talk to her. She always makes her assistant meet with us.

I would give dietary a 3 and hourskeeping a 4. The food is ok. Somethings smell really good and others look terrible but i know its hard to accomodate everyones taste preferences. The building is old but is always clean.

The activity girls are great! They try to make it fun for the people that live there. Always bringing in singers from the outside and coming up with new things to do.

Over all we have had a good experience.