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I have read through these reviews and I think it is a shame that ex employees come on here and write reviews. I tried to post this reposne a week ago but I am not great with computers. I moved my mother to tower hill about 6 years ago and… Full Review

This facility is great! I have had nothing but great experiences. I have spoken to both Vick the administrator and Monica at all hours to address questions and they are always happy to help. Even at 10:00 at night. I have seen other comments… Full Review

STAY AWAY!!! The place looks ok... Out of date, but alright. House keeping staff and maintenance are great. Nurses & CNAs are great, but very short staffed and over worked. The department head staff is extremely rude and fake. Kendra (the HR… Full Review

STAY AWAY!!! The place looks ok... Out of date, but alright. House keeping staff and maintenance are great. Nurses & CNAs are great, but very short staffed and over worked. The department head staff is extremely rude and fake. Kendra (the HR… Full Review

I was there for rehab aa month or so ago. I have been in a total of 3 different places for rehab for different things. I must say, this was by far the best of them. The staff were so attentive and really did everything they could for me… Full Review

My mom just passed away at Tower Hill after five years. Every time I had any issue with Mom's care, it was handled right away as long as I went to the right people. Some of the management staff are hard to get in touch with, but once you do… Full Review

A great place for your family member. My aunt came here 2 weeks ago and has thrived. The CNA's are very caring and the nurses have picked up on things that her previous facility dropped the ball on. I am now looking for a facility for my uncle… Full Review

there's a lot of changes in this building. It is changing for the worst, care here sucks. I have been asking my mom to have restorative care but it fell on deaf ears. No one informs you what's going on with mom's care.The lady that handles… Full Review

My mom came here from rosewood after her Medicare was almost used up and I needed long term placement. They take Medicare and you can transition to public aid after. The move was seem less and mom is very happy. Sometimes when I come to pick… Full Review

My mother in law has been here for about two years. It is very clean and rarely has any offensive odors. They also did all the legwork for getting her Medicade coverage which saved us 10 grand. I would reccommend.… Full Review

Please take the time to notice that this facility may look beautiful, but looks are decieving!!! If you notice that the staff has such HIGH turn over rate, that should be a SIGN... ANYONE is hired spanish speaking with NO english and or any… Full Review

I visited my father for the first time at Tower Hill since his hip replacement 2 weeks ago. He is so happy and I was so impressed with the respect they gave to me and him. The new therapy room is beautiful and the therapy team seemed very good… Full Review

Therapy is excellent !!! Great rehab team with a good rehab leader.My father would always looked forward to his sessions everyday.He said they made exercise more fun and meaningful...… Full Review

I brought my father to Tower Hill after we could no longer care for him at home. My sister and I believe that Tower Hill is the next best thing to home. Dad loves all the friends hr has made and the new family he has found in the staff that… Full Review

My mother came to Tower Hill after being transferred from another facility. We were very pleasnatly surprised at the care and compassion we received from all the staff. The therapy was great. She was able to order food at any time of day. There… Full Review

My poor father is being abused by staff at Tower Hill Nursing Home. I called for help two times and both times reached a dead end. You have to catch the person in the act or bring in a Lawyer. Please, please do not put a loved one in this… Full Review

I think they are always short off nurses. Specially when there are residents that need more special care. It would be helpfull if they would of iformed us that they were short of nurses.… Full Review

I toured several homes before making my decision. My Dad is private pay now, but when his money runs out HE CAN STAY. How you pay doesn't determine where you are in the building and they won't say they have no public aide beds available after… Full Review

DO NOT place your loved one here, you may think its clean and ALL appears to 5 star care. From the time you meet with the financial mgr. who doesnt do her job to the end with the gentlemen who runs the show. He makes this place appear to… Full Review

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