Review of Grace Healthcare of Tucker

1 Star User Review

My dad was a resident at Grace Healthcare. Dad was neglected terribly. They did not bathe him as regularly as they should. He was usually unshaven and smelled of urine and poop. I went in there on several occassions and cleaned him up. I expressed my concerns to the director of nursing and nurse managers. They only seemed to care about protecting their pathetic nursing and cna staff. I even found loose narcotics in dads be, proving the lpn did not standby to make sure that he took his meds. Dad is diabetic, has prostate cancer diagnosis, has dementia and hypertension. She definitely should have stood by to make sure he took those meds.-assuming those were his pills- Residents wander into other rooms. Dad ended up severly dehydrated with dangerously low potassiums levels. I had him taken to a local hospital. Dad hasn't walked since. Before this, dad was walking on his own-he didn't even need a walker or can. Now he is bed ridden because of the incompetent and neglectful care of Grace Healthcare's nursing and cna staff. They stole dad's good quality of life away from him. They will answer to God for the evil they have done. They neglect patients place in their care. They should be shut down by the state. Problem is, the state doesn't seem to care either. I sent them in there to see the mess of this place before they made dad sick. The state did nothing to correct their offenses. Now I am having a difficult time finding a medicaid bed for daddy in another facility. I refuse to put him back in Grace Healthcare. It should be called Grace HELLcare. They don't deserve a star!!! If this site made it possible, I would not give this hellish place a star at all.