Review of Pruitthealth - Virginia Park

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Now that we have safely moved my grandmother out of this nursing home, I feel the timing is right to submit my complete evaluation and feedback on Briarcliff Haven Rehab Center during the months of August through November 2012.

My family and I were appalled at the overall care my grandmother received, especially as it related to the lack of coordination between the medical team and rehabilitation/therapy team. Not only were the initial physical/occupational therapy patient plans – set in August – never discussed with the family in detail OR agreed upon (until I demanded a meeting on 10/10/12), but also execution of these plans was doubtful. Moreover, I saw a noticeable breakdown in communication between the medical team led by Melissa M. and rehabilitation/therapy team led by Lakeisha H., as it related to 1) my grandmother's enlarged foot size (causing her physical therapy to be cut short) 2) Growing pain and weakness (ineffectively treated over prolonged periods by “trial and error”) 3) declining mental status (aggravated by a cocktail of drugs and other untreated complications), and 4) Improper CNA procedures.

In summary, CNA negligence (e.g. leaving the patient to lay in BM for long periods, which contributed to repeated Urinary Tract infections, leading to delirium/psychosis in the patient (which was misdiagnosed as lewybody dementia), Acquisition of bronchitis & pneumonia while a resident in the facility, Lack of communication and coordination between the rehabilitative therapy team and medical team (described above), and Recurring (twice) bed sores caused my family and I many sleepless nights. While under Briarcliff’s care, my grandmother's health declined to the lowest level possible, bordering death. I brought many of my concerns to the Social Worker, Ch’wan, who was only really concerned with when we were getting her out of there. It was all quite frustrating.

Whether or not any recourse is taken to address these issues, I felt it necessary to communicate this information to you so you were aware.