Review of Pruitthealth - Brookhaven

1 Star User Review

My father died recently. Unfortunately , we were told he was not teminal. But needed long term skilled nursing, and rehab. He was at Pruitt for 11 days. Put in a shared room. With maybe 8ft. Of space No chairs for us to sit on.. Laying up aginst a dirty white wall, facing a white cutain. He said he was in prison. He was never moved from the room . Never saw ANY view . Within 11days, suffered dehydration and renal failure. We took him home for hospice care. Because, Now, he was terminal. 11 days!

Do NOT put your loved one here! The nurses were rude. And acted like we shouldn't bother them with any questions, or concerns. And barely acknowledged us.

They do a great sales job. And the place looks decent. But, the nurses were the worst!

I would highly suggest you do not put anyone here if they need attention ,and care.