Review of Bristol at Tampa Rehab and Nursing Center LLC

5 Star User Review

Having read the attached reviews on this website, I find myself wondering if some of the comments posted weren't about another facility. I learned through experience with having my dad placed in this facility after he slipped into dementia. Either mom or I visited dad on a regular basis and due to my work schedule at the time I managed to visit more frequently during the later shifts, and if I had any concerns, I wasn't shy and brought them right up to management who didn't write them down on a "Post It Note", instead we went hand in hand, right to the Head Nurse in charge and resolved the issue. Both mom and I treated the staff with the utmost respect and received the same in return. This past June, after mom experienced a problem in managing her sugar, where she slipped into a comma and after several weeks in a hospital, her doctors recommended that she be placed under close watch. I immediately went to ACCENTIA, just to see if things had changed…they hadn't! Mom, is fortunate in that many members of the staff that took care of my dad, were still there. Mom's relationship with the staff is heartwarming, and its not uncommon for one of the staff members to stop by and check in on her. One or two have squealed on her by mentioning that she hasn't been eating like she should and in the event that some issue has popped up, I have in the past received a phone call, briefing me on the situation. I am most thankful for having this facility available and having the staff who truly care about my mom. I do suggest/recommend visiting frequently and at different times and DON"T BE SHY…if you have a complaint…share it with management, for they not only listen…they respond! FIVE STARS FROM ME!