Review of Regents Park of Jacksonville

3 Star User Review

I have had an older sister at Regents on more than one occaision. Some of the reviews from 2011-2012 may have been accurate. But since then there has been a number of improvements at Regents. The facility has had a complete makeover; new flooring, paint and new roof throughout. Nice looking and clean. There seems to have been an upgrade in the staffing levels as there are RN's and CNA's available all the time. My sister had a leg amputated at 78 and has been receiving Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy six days a week to learn how to walk on her new prosthesis in hopes of returning to her assisted living arrangement at Deerwood Place next door. The therapist's are compassionate and experienced.

I am sure you can find horror stories at any nursing facility, they are not hospitals. We too experienced a fall in the middle of the night. My sister fell and struck her head on a piece of her furniture and bled profusely, she used the call button to get assistance. The nurse on duty called me at 3:00 AM to tell me ehat happened and that they were transporting her to the hospital by private ambulance for a few stitches and that was what was done. I find Regents to be an acceptable and modern facility and have reccommended it to friends.