Review of Coastal Health and Rehabilitation Center

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If I could give this place a negative score I would in a heartbeat. My father was transferred to this facility in December of 2015 after sustaining a traumatic brain injury and having brain surgery. He came to this facility for rehabilitation. The second day after his arrival I inquired with his nurse MiMi about him starting his rehab. I was basically told odds are he will never get better… I couldn't understand how she would come to that kind of medical decision after him only being their a day but I brushed it off as I had contact with his neurosurgeon who stated these injuries take a lot of time and rehab before significant progress is seen. The next two days I went to visit my father he was always in bed and when I again asked about his rehab I was told rehab had not seen him yet. On the 4th day my mother went to visit my father and was immediately ambushed by the social worker Debbie and a hospice nurse by the name of Darlene. My mother was told that the facility physician evaluated my father and felt the only option was to put him in hospice (in this time my father was not deteriorating, was beginning to speak, knew who my mom and I were and had been taken to his neurosurgeon the day prior for a post hospital check up where they deemed he showed signs of improvement) When my mom stated she needed to think about it they stated well we need a decision now because his Medicare stops paying in 3 days (my dad was here less than a week and Medicare has 100 days of SNF care before they would not pay and also those days may be extended if the patient is improving with the care. Plus my father has tricare secondary.) My mother stated she wanted the facility physician to consult with the neurosurgeon as my dad was just at the office the day prior where my mother was told he was improving. When my mother stated that she was told by both Deb and Darlene that the facility doctor won't do that and that the neurosurgeon was just telling my mom what she wanted to hear. My mom again stated she wanted to wait and speak with me as I work in a hospital with insurance and health care rules and regulations. Once these two heard I work in a hospital they changed their tune and stated to my mom you know what he may just need more rehab (which at this point he had only had one hour of rehab in the 4 days he was there) my mother was also told that she should keep this conversation between them and that if she told they would deny everything. Of course my mother told me as she then became concerned for my father's well being. The next day my father had an appointment with his Cardiologist Dr. Liu. When they brought my gather to the office he was in ripped up dirty clothes that were not his. He reeked of urine and his mouth smelled so foul my mother literally got sick. When my mother asked the aide that accompanied him why his mouth smelled so horrible and why he had chuncks in it she stated it was just stomach content coming up. After all this i wanted my father out of this place ASAP so I had him transferred to another facility. Once transferred the new facility stated he was not taken care of well by coastal rehab he had developed a very horrible case of thrush in his mouth due to lack of oral care provided by coastal (the horrible smell my mother inquired about at the cardiologist visit.) Needless to say this place almost killed my father. He was there for less than 7 days and this is what we went through. Never in my life have I seen such horrible treatment of patients. I never saw him obtain any rehab like he was suppose to. A few days they had him just sitting in a wheelchair in the hallway doing nothing as if they just pushed him to the side. My mother had two encounters with two other patients where those patients were yelled at by nurses and humiliated in front of my mother one nurse stating in front of the patient who obviously had mind issues "don't pay attention to him he doesn't know anything" how do you call yourself a caregiver and treat disabled people with such disrespect. My father finally got the rehab he needed no thanks to this place and has had a full recovery. Had he stayed here and my mother listened to Deb (social worker) and Darlene (hospice rep.) He would have surly died. Think twice before sending your loved one here. Go visit prior to bringing them there take in the smell (very overwhelming flowery smell which usually masks the smell of urine and feces if people are not being changed.), the atmosphere and the deemener of the employees before you allow your loved one to be treated here. This place should be closed down and as for the two that tried to put my father in hospice. Thanks to Facebook I found out they are in a relationship with each other so makes me wonder what incentive they get for changing a patient over to hospice. Rest assured I am filing a complaint with the appropriate regulatory agencies and state regarding this place. I knew better because I work in health care but someone who does not understand health care may have gone ahead and put their loved one in hospice thinking that was the only option.