Review of Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Good Shepherd

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I agree with the post from 2012. Patients with a high level of care should not be placed here. Due to new Obama laws if you are not dying of a disease, you do not qualify for hospice, or at least this is what we are told. This is sad to me. Pain medications are given an hour to two hours late, changing is not done every two hours, call lights are not answered in an adequate time. To specify more on this, we have had a call light on for 45 minutes, and not have anyone come so we ended up changing our family member ourself and turned the light out. Watching your loved one scream out in pain is not the way you want to see them in their last days. They should be on comfort measures, with pain medicine given on time. If I could underline the "On Time" I would..I understand we aren't the only family who has someone in the home, but this is still over the top in my opinion. We have been requesting for a change in diet for almost two weeks now. Our family member can't chew anything, nor drink out of a straw yet being served Fried Chicken, Pork Chops, etc. Seems like the blaming game went on for a few weeks. Getting desperate we put in a call to the DON who informed us that the diet change order was put in last night which means that the staff was dishonest with us for almost two weeks. Every meal we would ask why the diet hadn't changed, and we were told that they had submitted it to the kitchen, but the kitchen must not have updated their records yet. You need to have a full time family member around in order to assure your loved one is getting the proper care, fed, changed when needed, and meds on time. Sadly I know we don't have that much time with our loved one, it is going to be hard. We just want for them to pass with dignity, no pain, and knowing they were loved. The way any normal person would like to be treated.