Review of Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center

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Beware! If you send your loved one here be sure there is someone to watch over the nurses and the PCTs at all times. Most of the staff were very lazy and even when I was there it was like pulling teeth to get them to do their job properly.The did not want to make the effort to get my mother out of bed to use the toilit, or even offer her the bedpan. They prefered to have her wet herself or have a bowel movement in her diaper. And she was admitted there for strenghing and rehab. She was not an incontinent person, it was only when they did not answer her call light in a reasonable time that she would soil herself. It was very humiliating for her. I spent most nights there to make sure they did their jobs, and even then I had to repeatedly ask for her to be turned every two hours. She left there sicker then when she got there. There was a nurse working with a cold and she was coughing all over everyone and their medications. She ended up with a cough and bladder infection. I had her urologist fax over orders for her to be cathed 3 times a day and for a urinalanis to rule out UTI. Well, they lied and said they never recieved the order for catherization and the urine that was to be tested dissappeared. 8 days after being released she was back in the hospital for UTI and for a bad cough. I truely feel that this last hospitalization was totally unnecessary, it was due to poor nursing care, period! If you can avoid this place please due, the DON is completely useless.

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