Review of Pueblo Springs Rehabilitation Center

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would not let me clear stars for mine would be none…I would never send a loved one to this facility, they have too many young and inexperience staffing. my husband ran out of oxygen in the middle of the night and it was replaced with a tank that was almost empty and no one ever came back as promised, he again ran out of oxygen. They promised us they had trach care there and my husbands was not cleaned once while he was there and when I complained someone went in and and did a half ass job and was not nice about it. They had no clue about PICC lines and how to administer antibiotics through it, my husband had to make sure they flushed it properly to avoid blockage and infection. They don't answer the calls from patients and if they do, they don't come back. There is no quiet time here, people are wondering the halls being extremely loud and disturbing to others. Some other patient was going through his roomates stuff and stole his wallet and nothing was done about it. The place smells like urine very strongly, enough to make you gag. There was no doctor there and when I inquired, I was told that the doctor has his own hours and could not be reached for me, needless to say I took him out of there and back to the ER at St Joe's where he could be taken care of by staff that cared till he could be released to home rehab. Very disappointed in the management and care there… I am in progress of filing a formal complaint on this facility…the only thing possitive I can say about this place after I complained of my husband having no rehab there, which is why he was there, they came the morning I was having him moved and was given the option for a therapy session and they did a good job….I feel for the poor people that can not speak for themselves heart goes out to them….

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I agree with you totally. Negligence abounds. Half-ass is a good description. No one cares. Patients steal one another's food and there's no one around supervising. My husband would have starved to death if someone would have taken his food. He was weak, couldn't walk, couldn't help himself. His bed sore, which wasn't taken care of properly, was one of the reasons for his early death. It had minimal treatment - just so they could say they treated it. It's a disgusting place with no one in control. Very scary.