Review of Village at Cook Springs Skilled Nursing Facility

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Terrible At answering call buttons and why does my mother now have to take all this medicine. Routine nerve medicine and pain Medicine are just 2 of 12 drugs they have her on. They keep adding then discontinue then add more then few days later change again. Our medicine tab went from 55 month to 800 mth. Does anybody know the rules they must follow? because I know her primary she had is no longer the one they call to request the medicine orders they change frequently. Unnecessary medicine and mom is declining rapidly. Need Medicare people to check them out please. Thank you for this site. Noticed other people are complaining about same concerns we have. Thank you

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The tech's give out the medicine. Open the keyed door and pull out a bottle. Never look at label and open bottle and give a pill. Could be someone else's medicine. Noticed one time he (tech) pulled out a bottle, didn't look at drug, and gave the one pill that was remaining in bottle to I guess a visitor taking resident out of building for visit. Put it in a brown envelope and said " here give this to them it will make them better to manage when they return! "That's criminal! Wake up families you are being scammed and I hope the pill didn't hurt your loved one. Notice your medication bill and audit against what primary care Dr. Wants them to have. Sounds like they are running on a low scaled staff cost and keep a stash for the difficult residents. Never see the RN over there!