Review of Azalea Gardens of Mobile

5 Star User Review

In the beginning of my family member's stay in Kindred, the CNAs, who seemed to only be temporary, for my family member needed to attend to diaper changes more frequently. However, most of the healthcare staff (RNs & CNAs) are nice to and patient with my family member and to her family. Also, the physical therapists and members of the billing/Medicaid team are great, though the therapists and nursing staff seem to be at odds with each other. This has been more of a concern than the age/appearance of the old facility that is less than cheery. The recreation room is not good; there should be more fun/physical things to engage the patients. Their food is ok, Southern fare. Still, the staff is friendly and supportive. There were days that the uncertainty of my family member left me worn out and in tears, but the staff always lefts me up. They answer my questions and just listen to my worries. They are sweet and had a great Christmas party for their residents.