Review of Kenosha Estates Rehab and Care Center

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The conditions of the living area was deplorable with peeling paint urine soaken carpet. NO warm water in patients room. Patients left to sit in chairs unattended for hours. Call lights unanwered. At times No linens or towels available. I would NOT under any circumstances put ANYONE there til some changes are made.

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This reviewer on target; the place is absolutely filthy! I was recently in to tour and it reeks of urine and as you walk past residents in wheelchairs, you can smell the strong odor of BM; how could staff not smell that and change them? You look out and see residents smoking unattended on a wooden deck, for heaven's sake! While i was there, so many call lights going off and no one answering them; a resident calling out to me "Help me, please".I hear about places like this but never thought I would see one in person.