Review of Marysville Care Center

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Only put one star. Otherwise review would not be put up. I am not blowing any of this up, out of proportion, at all. It's all real and true facts. Have the charts to prove. Friend of family was brought to the Marysville nursing / Rehab Center within two weeks she has three cracked ribs and a broken pelvis and it is ripped they never bothered to call 911 or bring her to the hospital she had bleeding around her heart bleeding in her lungs before she went to the Marysville rehab nursing home she was at Providence hospital she had none of these issues before she went there then she had to go back to the hospital because of the situation at the rehab nursing home and she died of blunt-force.. I am totally disgusted and pissed and hurt that she had to go this way they said they don't use bed railings they don't use any kind of alarm on the bed nothing so how long was she on the floor they said that she fell out of the bed 3 times that's how she got all these broken bones this isn't Nursing Facility seriously. And why they did not call 911. Who knows. This is to do with the night shift. I am not letting this go !!!!!