Review of Walter Reed Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

My Mother recently transferred To Walter Read Convalescent and rehab center in Gloucester VA. This place offers a secure safe environment for her. Having myself once worked for a nursing home years ago I can honestly say the staff appeared polite, friendly, and professional. The meals my mother were being served looked good and the place kept clean. This place currently accepts Medicaid patients, a real plus considering the need nationwide for more. The problems I see basically stem from the facility being dated, needing some upgrades and amenities for its residents. For example many interior doors are large heavy non automated types with panic bars, which when kept closed makes it hard on wheel chair bound patients to move about;. these could use an upgrade. I did not note a controlled outside sitting courtyard area whereby patients may get out of the building and enjoy occasional sunshine. If they do not have one They need one. The dated interior tube fluorescent lighting although in many ways practical does not help lend the place a home type atmosphere. Much of the lighting fixtures could use upgrades. I did not note a large central dining area but rather smaller meeting room dining areas. In many ways this actually works better for both residents and staff. To improve on this however and lend it a more home type feel. A few of these should include minor beverage refreshments for both residents and guest. I noted plenty of televisions around which is good as this gives residents viewing choice. I do not as yet know what therapy programs are available here that will assist my mother who suffers from Alzheimer's but I will be writing other reviews when I find out. In summary the Staff gets kudos and a B grade and the building facility gets a grade of C