Review of White River Health Care Center

1 Star User Review

The staffing is poor. Resident's call lights aren't answered in a timely manner and a lady fell and broke her lag in two spots and had to be taken by ambulance to a near by hopistal and then flown out to another hosp to have the leg fixed. The lady had been on the call light for quite sometime and finally took herself to the restroom and fell. The charts are sometimes left wide open on the nurse station for all visitors to view. Staff talk about the residents and their diagnosis/prognosis at the local convenience store. The administrator would rather walk over top of the staff than talk with them. RN staffing is not sufficiant. There are to be an RN at least 8hrs everyday and they only have 1 RN on staff. There has been a lot of theft from the resident's by the staff. A residnet's errings were taken and a staff member showed up wearing them. Some staff come to work after they have been drinking and tell the younger residnet's all about this. The administrator hires people and puts them on the floor to care for the residents without proper training. And the list could go on and on. I would NOT put my loved ones or my worse enemies in this facility.