Review of Linley Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center,

1 Star User Review

We had heard what a great facility this was when deciding what rehab facility we would put our mom in after hip surgery. For the first three weeks she was in Linley Park, we were staying with her round the clock because of uncertainty. We were quite impressed with the nurses and staff so we decided to only stay during the day. Bad mistake! One and a half week later, she fell out of the bed and had to go back to the hospital to be checked out. After that, they put a bed alarm on her but would fail to put it on many times after a bath or therapy nor would they strap her in the wheelchair knowing she was alone and was prone to falls. Some nurses would help feed her and some would not. Asked for them to put on her chart she was allergic to the wipes they were using and they stated they did but nursing assistance kept trying to use the wipes. There are many other episodes but just to say, we pulled her out of there and brought her home after she had lost 18 pounds in one month. The stay was a BIG disappointment from our "visit" to this facility!