Review of Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Community

5 Star User Review

I know a couple who were put into the "Memory Unit" by their POA's supportive medical entities. Unfortunately, the POAs were concerned about any intervention by the couple's friends, so they solicited the support of the Quarryville Presbyterian RC to stop close friends from visiting. The couple referred to the "Unit" administration as the warden; and concluded that they were put there to die. It was sad. Ultimately, their health necessitated their separation in the facility. When the bulk of their wealth was gone, the POAs turned over the guardianship to the State of PA (a service was hired). But ultimately, their closest friends continued to be barred by the Unit's administrator. While some of the personnel in the facility were terrific, and showed compassion, the administration were not at all transparent. A sad ending to a terrific couple. For that reason, the facility scares me. I would suggest that you interview the administration and make sure that family and visitors are welcome. Also make sure that you ask to see the rules of the facility.