Review of St Monica Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare

1 Star User Review

Do not take your loved ones to St. Monica's especailly to the St. Edwards section.The staff there have no compassion for the patients under their care. My stepfather was there for 3 months and he sufferd greatly. A stroke victim, on the 3rd day there I found the begginings of a bedsore on his heel. That morning I go to perform his a.m. cared around 7:30 ; I find him in a twisted position with his affected leg under him, later that evening I found the sore. The staff is rude and I was not allowed in the room, his caregiver to be, when peforming ADL to the point of them locking the door. I can go on, however I am hoping others get the picture. Please, do not send your loved ones to St. Monica's unless they can care for themselves.