Review of Norriton Square Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

Do not send your loved one here for care!! Slow response (up to 18 mins) to call bell rings for help to the toilet especially between noon and 1:30 pm. The aides wheeled my mother to the bistro for meals despite my request for meals in the room to protect her from colds and flu. She was sent to the hospital twice during her stay for respiratory infections; hence poor infection control measures at the facility. [Note: my mother was admitted to Powerback for rehab for a broken clavicle bone.] Upon admission, I explained that I wanted to be an active participant in my mother's care and wanted regular reports on her status. Not accomodated… tests, xrays and changes in meds were done without my being informed. I had to ask questions to uncover what was going on. The last straw was when my mom was sent to the hospital the second time and I came back to get something from her room about 24 hours later. The room had been cleaned out, Valentines Day flowers thrown away and her belongings placed in a box and garbage bags and put into storage without a phonecall to me to come and pack up her things!