Review of Woodhaven Care Center

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My mother was admitted to woodhaven nursing home on july 18, 2014 she had bed sores all over her buttocks on both sides and if I wasn't there to look when she was being changed it would have gone unreported. Also, my mother has rectal cancer another incident when I was there sunday august 24th I noticed she had blood all over her hands, sheets and pajamas when I called for her to be changed and the diaper was taken off she had blood clots the size of golf balls coming out of her front opening of her vagina. I took pictures and marched over to the nurses station and demanded an ambulance immediately. She was very very weak. She was admitted to the hospital and was very anemic. Her surgery was postponed because of numerous urinary track infections from not having the foley changed.I had her removed from woodhaven and placed her in manor care in Monroeville following her discharge from the hospital. If I had not acted in getting her out of woodhaven she would have died. One nurse told me when I came to get my mother;s belongings that the staff doctor told her not to get an ambulance. If you love your loved ones please do not have them admitted to woodhaven. My mother gets excellent care at manor care. I will be filing charges against woodhaven!